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          OEM Design

          Winson has always focused on the design and research and development of barcode reading equipment with independent research and development center, production workshop and mold factory. Specializing in providing all kinds of high quality barcode scanners and professional industry solutions.

          ♦ Barcode scanning products support secondary development

          Standard bar code scanning products support secondary development, system software, hardware, etc. can be customized.Such as bar code scanners, urban public transport credit card system (mobile scan code car terminal), mobile payment boxes, logistics courier, warehousing used in scanning code weighing one machine.

          (Customize German keyboard output & custom PCB)


           ♦ Customizing design and production for appearance, structure, and injection molding

          (Customize injection of white scanner mold)

          replace the cover (already cover)
          injection molding material custom (custom injection molding material color)
          custom wire (2M USB cable, other length)
          the entire mold custom mold

          LOGO custom
          PET (silver PET print)
          PVC (PVC monochrome screen printing, PVC bicolor screen printing, PVC tri-color screen printing)
          Crystal Dijiao (Dijiao monochrome silk screen, Dijiao double-color silk screen)
          Custom within the box
          Scanner vertical kraft paper box、Scanner gun holder kraft paper box、Scanner inside the box、Flip cover、Stationary kraft paper box、Platform / scanner + bracket kraft paper box、Scanner +bracket kraft paper box、USB scanner box.

          Carton custom
          Kraft paper, monochrome silk screen
          Kraft paper, two-color silk screen

          Customized instructions
          Scanner manual (black and white, color printing)
          brochures (black and white, color printing)

          ♦ Technical support

          Provide on-site technical support


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